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the Lewis Arts Complex

An intricate weave

Steven Holl Architects

America settentrionale | Princeton

This plexus of three buildings braided in, under, above and on the ground connects the buildings. The Lewis Center for the Arts, situated at the entry to a largely Gothic-revival campus announces the future of Princeton University, architecturally speaking, more than earlier contributions in the past century, by Venturi, Moneo and Juan Navarro Baldeweg which are already somewhat dated and stylistically locked in and of their moment in time. Early on in his work Steven Holl declared his tendency and desire in the title of his early book: Intertwining (Princeton Architectural Press, 1996). There is no better introduction to this project than the definition of the “complex”: an intricately patterned combination of elements or parts in a cohering structure. The program for this project was set out ten years earlier. Among the many obstacles was the location of the train...

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