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A development model for sub-Saharan cities

The CityPlan once again goes to sub-Saharan Africa. After Luanda, capital of Angola, we now look at Dar es Salaam. Although now the former capital of Tanzania - the government is in the process of moving to the new capital, Dodoma - Dar es Salaam is nonetheless the economic engine of the country, the focus of industrial production and infrastructure as well as home to its university and tertiary sector. Like many cities in this part of the world, Dar es Salaam is in the throes of tumultuous growth, its population of over 4 million (2012 data) forecast to exceed 10 million by 2030. Built around a gulf on the midpoint of Tanzania’s eastern coastline on the Indian Ocean, this former capital lies on a large fertile plain sectioned and irrigated by rivers wending their way towards the coast, an ideal spot on which to develop a human settlement. Directly opposite across the ocean lie Zanzibar and Mafia Island. Like many other towns growing up around a natural harbor, Dar es Salaam’s progressive expansion led to the commercial sector being concentrated in a Central Business District (CBD) in the heart of the city. This concentration is clearly evidenced by the high worker density on the appropriate map and the relatively low residential density in the central part of the city. While tertiary activities are largely distributed along the main roads, the population map shows two main residential areas: Kinondoni and Ilala, quarters that have grown up as a result of considerable informal development. The services map indicates the key role played by the main trunk road Julius K. Nyerere, along which are concentrated the city’s key tertiary activities. Of note is the fact that retail and hotel activities also serve as public amenities and places of socialization. Other areas where services are concentrated are the huge residential complexes along Kawara Road in the north of the city. Until recently, public transport largely relied on an informal minibus...

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