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Sinha Slats: Private Residence extension


Vastu Shilpa Consultants

Ahmedabad, the biggest city of the state of Gujarat in northwest India, enjoys mild winters, extremely hot springs and heavy rains during the monsoon season. The daily living spaces of the inhabitants of this and other Indian cities are designed as a function of these climate conditions: porticoes to protect interiors from the sun and rain, verandas for sheltered outdoor living, shady patios in the path of cool air. As well as clever climate mitigators, these in-between spaces are also flexible independent environments. The Sinha Slats project by Vastu Shilpa Consultants (VSC) creates a dilatable flexible threshold environment between an existing private house and its large garden, enclosed on one side by the house itself and by trees on the other. The international team making up the VSC practice - from India, Europe and other parts of the world - fully grasped the importance of this kind of space, turning it into a functional object able to adapt to a range of different conditions. The starting point for the extension was the client’s need to upgrade the connection between the house interiors and the garden. Studio models and 3-D diagrams were produced based a few simple elements: a steel frame supporting timber boxes slatted into empty spaces in the frame, a lightweight roof, brise soleil panels and sliding glazed partitions. The new add-on in no way alters the existing distribution of the house. Rather it has become a key feature of the residence, providing an essential new function. The house itself occupies the northern section of a small residential plot. The garden occupies the southern section. The new veranda is built against the southern and eastern flank of the house, creating two new outer façades. The functional and distribution logic of the new volume aligns perfectly with the spaces inside. At ground level, the veranda is a mirror image of the interior with a living area and adjacent kitchen-diner. On the upper floor, the master...

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