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Villa Z

In dialogue with landscape and tradition

Marazzi Architetti

Europa | Noceto

The little town of Noceto lies on the southern edge of Italy’s extensive Po Valley Plain, just before the land starts rising to meet the Apennine foothills, and not far from the city of Parma. The landscape is one of ancient villages, isolated farms, agricultural land and industrial clusters. The arrival of detached family homes within well-defined plots is a fairly recent addition. The houses built, however, all largely take their cue from an ingrained preconception of rural architecture, as can be clearly seen from the materials used, the shape of the roofs and the proportions given to solids and voids. Where these relatively recent houses break with the past is in their rapport with the open spaces of this extensive plain. In contrast to the old farmhouses that stood unprotected in the midst of their fields, more modern houses stand back from the road, cutting themselves off from...

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