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Jacobs Medical Center

A fresh and sinuous architecture

Yazdani Studio | CannonDesign

America centrale | La Jolla

Americans spend twice as much per capita on healthcare than people in other developed countries yet many are unable to afford treatment, thanks to the power of the healthcare industry which values profits over patients and has bought the votes of Congress. But the quality of the élite institutions is unmatched, and the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) has joined that select group with the completion of the Jacobs Medical Center. The ten-story glass tower comprises three specialty hospitals stacked one above the other: advanced surgical care on the first two floors, cancer care on the next four, and high-risk obstetrics and neo-natal care at the top. A three-story wing links the tower to a former community hospital that has now become an academic research center. Ten years ago, Mehrdad Yazdani won acclaim for a student center on the UCSD campus and was interviewed for the...

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