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A Sports Stronghold


Europa | Anversa

Antwerp is a vibrant city whose history meshes seamlessly with its modern-day structure. For centuries a continental trading hub, it understandably took care to protect itself with solid perimeter walls, a fortress and barbicans surrounded by wide moats filled with water from the Scheldt. More recently, one of these outer defenses - formerly a barracks - was earmarked by the city fathers as the site for a top sports school, the project for which would be chosen by competition. The winner was Compagnie-O, an architecture practice from Ghent, defining itself as an “open design platform”, with all that implies in terms of experimenting with the spatial potential of places to allow architecture to give concrete form to concepts. In the case of the Topsportschool - the name of this specialist sports school inaugurated in fall 2016 - the fit between concept and realized project...

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