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Church of the Pentecost

Symbolic Geometries

Boris Podrecca Architekten | Marco Castelletti Studio di Architettura

Europa | Milano

Consecrated in June 2017, the parish Church of the Pentecost in Milan’s northwest neighborhood of Quarto Oggiaro is part of a complex, fragmented urban fabric made up of road and rail infrastructure, the few factories that have not moved away, a variety of residential typologies, an urban park, and vacant lots. The church project brings together a broad spectrum of physical functions and spiritual significance. Its location in this outlying urban quarter blighted by several pockets of social malaise meant that special care had to be taken to balance the profound symbolic values underpinning any place of worship with the religious institution’s community facilities, which also had to be clearly visible. This has been achieved with a refined contemporary architecture project that succeeds in being at one and the same time a place of spirituality, of service-provision and...

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