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Private villa the Ark

KWK Promes Robert Konieczny

Europa | Brenna

Another debut in 1999 was KWK Promes office in Katowice, which is headed by Robert Konieczny. The 10-person office is best-known for its single-family houses, but it has also designed public buildings, offices, multiple housing and other projects across the country. The most important of these is the award-winning Dialogue Centre at Solidarity Square in Szczecin. Like Koszalin, this Hanseatic port city was part of Germany until 1945 and, after the remaining inhabitants had been deported, the ruins were repopulated with Poles from the east. In 1970, protesting workers were massacred by the police on this site, and the goal of the project was to shape a space that fuses memory and everyday activities, from strolling to skateboarding. A semi-sunken museum of the city’s history and struggle for freedom is wrapped by a sloped public plaza, and entered at the north-east corner. A...

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