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Intervista con Pietro Innocenti

Managing Director Porsche Italia


Nicola Leonardi: After extensive experience in Asia and the Middle East, you became Managing Director of Porsche Italia in 2012. In what state did you find Italy on your return? Pietro Innocenti: It was really special to come back to Italy. After eight years abroad, I couldn’t wait. There is no doubt that I started working at Porsche at a time that was far from easy, but the major downturn in the automobile market turned out to be a great stimulus for me. Living abroad for a long time offered me a different perspective, a different way of perceiving Italy’s pros and cons. It made me more aware of the country’s potential. Sad to say, much of that potential is yet to be realized, owing to political inadequacy and to the Italian people themselves. What I mean is, we are used to seeing the glass half empty. We systematically undervalue significant concepts and values...

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