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Casa Sumar

The Expressive Value of Linearity

Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos

This holiday home is located on a flat clearing among tall trees, with far-reaching views out over the Pacific Ocean on the visual horizon. The volume follows a concept of horizontal linearity, placing a strong emphasis on the tension created by the roof that projects out over the north-western and north-eastern prospects. Grounded in the founding and expressive value of linearity, the pavilion is a compositional articulation that manifests itself through the regular rhythm of its dark-hued glulam beams, offering a highly visible set of lines. It is possible to make out the sequences of pillars and open longitudinal main beams, accentuating the series of glulam wood secondary beams that transversally support the flat roof, open to our view both in the projections over the façade and the internal slab floor intrados. This architectural approach highlights a form of...

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