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Michigan Lake House

At One with Nature

Desai Chia Architecture | Environment Architects

America settentrionale | Leelanau

Resting in a grassy bluff facing Lake Michigan, the residence looks out over both lake and the surrounding woods. Immersed in this luminous natural setting, the architectural program is twofold: to blend with the particular natural landscape but at the same time to enhance our appreciation of its natural beauty. The house fans out into three functional structures, each clearly a unit unto itself yet nonetheless part of a coherent whole. The three structures develop out of a semi-basement holding the garage, service spaces and a communal area. The first structure contains a large, airy living zone with wide sweeping vistas. A second, more reserved, volume houses the master bedroom whose glazed north corner provides views over lake and woodland. The third volume is occupied by three more bedrooms. A breezeway space joining the three arms is both a connecting and functional area. A long...

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