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New’R Multifunctional Complex

Sinuous Elegance

Hamonic+Masson & Associés

Europa | Nantes

Located between the banks of the Loire and the tracks of the high-speed train station a few minutes from the center of Nantes and two hours from Paris, the new neighborhood EuroNantes Gare is one of France’s major public/private urban regeneration projects. Known as ZACs (Zone d’Aménagement Concerté), these developments have changed the face of French cities. Begun in 2004 and scheduled for completion in 2025, Nantes’ new neighborhood is designed to have a total of 2000 apartments, 200,000 sqm office and 15,000 sqm retail space, public services for some 40,000 sqm, and 12 hectares of communal land. Requiring enormous capital investment, this huge urban development has reshaped vast areas in just a few decades. Importantly, the urban plan underpinning these new quarters differs profoundly from city layouts of the past. Historic cities owe their...

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