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Ecoscopic house

Concrete geometries

archipelagos - Manolo F. Ufer

America meridionale | Monterrey

When architects build houses for themselves they have the opportunity to make a statement of principles and to use their creations as a laboratory in which to test materials and ideas. Manolo Ufer is a young Spanish architect who moved his practice, archipelagos, from Madrid to Monterrey in northern Mexico, and there he built a house for himself and his parents on the edge of the city. It was one of four he designed as Ecoscopic houses - defining that term as “an interface; a formal composition optimized to channel the energy flows and harvest the material resources that traverse the site.” Or, in plain terms, a house that embraces the landscape, and is passively sustainable. “I wanted the house to create the illusion that I was living in a forest in the sierras, rather than a suburb, a 35-minute drive from my office,” Ufer explains. “That determined the...

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