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Copenhagen international school Nordhavn

A Magical and Environment Friendly Schoo

C.F. Møller Architects

Take an architecture firm like C.F. Møller, founded in 1924, which over its long history of almost a century has made sustainability a signature feature; add an international school for pupils from 3 to 19, founded in 1963 and now the largest of its kind in Denmark. The result is one of the most innovative and interesting architectural projects of 2017. In architecture, experimentation with composition and technology is always in its element when it comes to designing educational spaces because ideally, places of education should constantly change with the generations, not only adapting to technological advances but also to developments in educational practice, which in turn go hand in hand with changing social trends. CIS Nordhavn is a school building for the Copenhagen International School in the new district of Nordhavnen. Inaugurated last 7th March, the 26,000 sqm building is the largest school in the Danish capital with 1,200 pupils and 280 employees. Standing on an artificial promontory surrounded by water and green areas - to be completed with the arrival in the next few years of the subway - this large school facility has been designed to be part of its urban context, being on the route connecting the port to the nearby city neighborhood. The main school building is subdivided into four smaller “towers” placed asymmetrically on a ground-floor base. Rising from 5 to 7 stories, the towers have been designed to meet the needs of children at different stages of development. For example, the classrooms for the youngest pupils are particularly large. A full range of functions is provided in and around the classrooms, each of which has designated green spaces and a series of ancillary facilities. These include three full-size basketball courts and a theater with a large auditorium for the public along with other adjoining rooms. Dividing the school into four units also helps develop a sense of community and identity as well as facilitating...

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