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Residential complex Casa Valdieri

Rethinking urban décor

Camagna, Marcante-Testa

Europa | Torino

The corner building of a city block in downtown Turin, north-east Italy, stands on the site of a now demolished low-rise building. It is emblematic of how quality residential housing can trigger innovative regeneration of its wider urban fabric. Any meaningful residential program has to take into account the complex weave that exists between architecture, its particular urban site, and consolidated residential patterns. Making a new-build program a transformative lever of change for an entire quarter requires in-depth consideration of what constitutes urban living. Architecturally, an urban residence is informed by a series of interlocking factors on several levels that can be summed up as the requirement to live in a quality environment where internal spaces interface with protected open spaces that not only serve as filter zones to the outside urban landscape, but are also...

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