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My part

Toti Semerano

“The light filtered dimly through the tall beech wood still wet with dew. A single shaft of more intense light revealed the presence of a clearing where, to my great surprise, I found, right in the middle, a perfect circle of carefully hewn stones… I knew them to be the remains of a limekiln, and that once not far away a shelter had been built… But my thoughts were especially with those crates of bulbs I had seen unloaded in the bustle that heralded a market day; these images were rapidly followed by mental pictures of the white circle in the wood, which I now saw surrounding a dark blue group of nasturtiums. Then back to the market and once again to the wood in that state of being in which one lives exclusively in the absolute present… I have never returned to that place, so I will never know if anyone saw that intense blue in the center of that white...

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