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Fratelli Beretta Production Plant

Integrated Architecture

Marco Castelletti Studio di Architettura

America settentrionale | Mount Olive

At a time when increasing emphasis is placed on the need for architecture to integrate soft and hard technology, it’s a pleasure to take a break and reflect on an architectural project that slips seamlessly into its context without disappearing into it. Marco Castelletti’s program for the latest food factory of Fratelli Beretta, a major Italian sausage and ham producer, is a case in point. This is the company’s third US factory, born of the need to supply the famous Italian specialties directly from the domestic market, given the strict regulations imposed on imported foodstuffs. Many Italian readers at least may remember filmmaker Monicelli’s 1971 comedy La Mortadella - released in the States as Lady Liberty - in which immigrant Sophia Loren is stopped at New York airport for trying to introduce the famous Bologna sausage into the country! Castelletti, who...

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