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Blueprint for a New Transformation

Europa | Torino

Started some 20 years ago, Turin’s transformation is an opportunity to take stock of the relationship between architecture, urban layout, land use, and the character of a city in a period when, for the first time since the Second World War, the different professions involved are all once again vying to exert a predominant urban planning role. In his 1988 book La città contesa. Dagli ingegneri sanitari agli urbanisti (1885-1942) - The Contested City. From Engineers to Urbanists (1885-1942) - published by Jaca Book, Guido Zucconi describes the period immediately preceding the World War II as the moment when the architect with specialist
urban-planning know-how asserted his pre-eminent role as the designer of the city.

The current revamping of Turin is nothing new. Ever since it became part of the Duchy of...

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