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ZhangJiang IC Harbor Office Building

Atelier Archmixing | Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects

Asia | Shanghai

Shen Zhuang, Design Director of Atelier Archmixing, is perhaps the one of the best architects in the world with an ability to make simple work of a difficult brief. Many years ago, he once talked with me about the consumer society and his own focus on the distinction between superficial and deeply rooted cultural attitudes. On reflection, this is probably the way Shen Zhuang and his co-workers succeed in penetrating the intimate logical relationship between surface and architecture, come to grip with all aspects of their brief, i.e. site, space, surface, and understand the function of architecture in a given context. Shen Zhuang’s work spans many different scales. His approach to large-scale architecture, although wide and varied, smacks of the same approach reserved to small buildings and installations. His work resembles color sketches from nature, often using colors in...

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