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Encounter with the future

Robotics today is ubiquitous: an inescapable part of ordinary life, it permeates our daily habits and surrounds our environment, providing a multitude of services. Robotics and automata conjure up images of a future full of unexpected mirabilia. What will happen to our planet in 2030 with these super-sophisticated technologies? We have come a long way since the first prototypes of automation, the “Flute and Tambourine Players” and the “Digesting Duck”, the revolutionary mechanical creatures of Jacques de Vaucanson, the 18th century French inventor. Are humans now destined to become slaves of technology on account of their insatiable appetites? We try to imagine a world where machines can co-exist in symbiosis with humans, where humans could become more redundant than robots (WALL-E, Andrew Stanton, 2008). A world where “replicants” portray stronger...

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