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Private residence Ponderosa pavilion Tropical Elegance

Pca Architecture

Asia | Johor Bahru

Located in the northeast district of Johor Bahru, a major city on the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula facing the strait separating Malaysia from Singapore, this residential building is part of an up-market neighborhood abutting on one side onto a golf course. The various built elements are arranged transversally across the plot. The house itself stands in the middle of the grounds. A tennis court lies alongside the house on the southwest side while an articulated pool stretches the full length of the villa. Although the focal point of the program, the house is designed to resonate with its surroundings. A parallelepiped, the building’s geometrical simplicity combines elegance and contemporary design in perfect harmony with its tropical setting where interiors and exteriors traditionally form a constant continuum. Resting on a dark granite block, the house is accessed...

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