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Private residence Casa GHAT

Max Núñez Arquitectos

America meridionale | Cachagua

Located on Chile’s central-north coast, Cachagua sits on the edge of the semi-arid mountainous region of Norte Chico and the country’s most urbanized, temperate, central region. Proximity to the ocean and major towns has made Cachagua an up-market summer resort on the Pacific coast. The coastline is rugged. Precipitous slopes tumble down to the shore below, a constraint overcome by most buildings in the area by staggered terracing of the terrain. In contrast, GHAT House, a recent residential construction designed by Chilean practice Max Núñez Arquitectos, fits into the topography, molding itself to the natural incline. The whole question of how a building sits on the ground and how it relates to its surrounds is a recurrent theme of this Chilean practice. It has led to a series of uniquely interesting examples of architecture that resonate with their...

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