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Private residence Casa GHAT

Max Núñez Arquitectos

Located on Chile’s central-north coast, Cachagua sits on the edge of the semi-arid mountainous region of Norte Chico and the country’s most urbanized, temperate, central region. Proximity to the ocean and major towns has made Cachagua an up-market summer resort on the Pacific coast. The coastline is rugged. Precipitous slopes tumble down to the shore below, a constraint overcome by most buildings in the area by staggered terracing of the terrain. In contrast, GHAT House, a recent residential construction designed by Chilean practice Max Núñez Arquitectos, fits into the topography, molding itself to the natural incline. The whole question of how a building sits on the ground and how it relates to its surrounds is a recurrent theme of this Chilean practice. It has led to a series of uniquely interesting examples of architecture that resonate with their location. The 25 degree incline of the GHAT House plot on the ocean coastline was the baseline consideration behind the project concept and subsequent construction, channeling the choice of building frame, internal organization and the resultant lifestyle offered by the house. The dictates of the steep slope led to a program based on a double ramp and a series of staggered roof terraces. The interior layout develops around these two ramps running parallel to the slope and supported by 15 pillars of different shapes and sizes depending on the structural requirements. Serving either as floor or roof, the ramps have broad, easily mounted steps, making the steep incline an integral part of the domestic spaces, which flow effortlessly one into the other and out into the surrounding natural environment to extend the potential use of all living areas. The property is entered from the top of the plot where a diagonal path snakes its way down to the sea. An offshoot leads to the entrance, a secluded patio giving access to the guest quarters - an independent area set apart from the main residence -...

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