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Finding Architecture’s Internal Logic

TAO (Trace Architecture Office)

Asia | Pechino

Hua Li, founder and principal architect of the practice TAO (Trace Architecture Office), once defined architecture in an interview as a discipline beset by too many literary and philosophical terms and definitions. His work shows, however, that he has successfully steered clear of both. It reveals a concern for basic architectural design stripped of all whimsy, and a focus on basic elements such as topography, function, structure and materials in order to grasp the internal logic behind each project and so allow the most pertinent design solution to emerge. The Wuyishan Bamboo Raft Factory has attracted a lot of attention recently. The design concept springs from its function as a manufacturing and storage facility of bamboo rafts where technological performance and economical efficiency take pride of place. The warehouse and bamboo processing plant using local craft traditions is a...

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