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Vector Architects

Asia | Suzhou

Chinese architecture today shows a marked affinity with western Modernism. After escaping the clutches of Stalinist Formalism, we were engulfed by Postmodernism and Constructivism without, however, passing through the experience of Modernism. That discrepancy is now being remedied as China rediscovers this school in both study and practice. The result has been the rise of a Chinese brand of Modernism whose use of space, light and materials clearly harks back to the prototypes of Le Corbusier, Lewis Kahn and Carlo Scarpa. One of the key representatives of this movement is without doubt Gong Dong, founder of Vector Architects. After graduating in architecture in the United States, Gong Dong worked there in several firms, including the practices of Richard Meier and Steven Holl. He assimilated the luminous and classical modern style of the former and the use of light to better shape the...

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