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The AA and I

Yung Ho Chang

When I heard about Zaha Hadid’s passing a few days ago, my thoughts were with her as well as with the AA.

I never attended the Architectural Association School of Architecture or the AA in London. In the spring of 1981, I left China to continue my study of architecture in the United States. I imaged I would be in the middle of a forest of skyscrapers but instead found myself in an immense cornfield that stretched to the horizon.  The school I went to is called Ball State University and in the town of Muncie, Indiana. The following year, after a summer of working as a busboy in my aunt’s restaurant in San Francisco, brought me back to Muncie and to a professor with a flower in his lapel and an unfamiliar accent. His name is Rodney Place and he was from the AA, so was I informed. His teaching method was drastically different from the American one I had become...

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