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Residential Complex Urban Dock

Hamonic+Masson & Associés

Europa | Bordeaux

Let’s take a look at French architecture. Since the beginning of the new millennium many French architecture practices have asserted themselves thanks to an intelligent system that has promoted, on the one hand, public architecture competitions whose winners actually see their projects built - to boot, fairly quickly - and on the other, groups of private investors operating in the urban regeneration sector wanting to use up-and-coming architects whose inventive flair is backed by solid technical know-how. The generation of French forty-somethings (now fifty-somethings) was probably luckier than their Italian counterparts. They had more opportunities to build and so were able to refine a language and variety of building typologies that over time has given rise to a real collective awareness of what they were doing. In Italy, but also in other countries, the opposite happened....

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