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Architectural icon and urban landmark


Europa | Lucena

The Auditorium of the Andalusian city of Lucena - known as the “Pearl of Sefarad”, the Hebrew name for Spain - is part of a landscape of hills and olive groves to the south of Córdoba, a land that since ancient times has been a cultural crossroads. The Auditorium’s own cultural program is appropriately broad. A theater and music venue, it is also designed to host a raft of other functions, with the declared aim of becoming a focal community reference point. Accordingly, the Auditorium’s architectural design was from the start intended to echo the building’s community role. In its call for tenders in 2006, the local authorities made clear that the new building should be both an urban landmark but also part of the city’s historical and cultural fabric. Located on an expanse of open land in proximity to Río Lucena and a newly built...

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