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A Monolith to Art and Contemplation

Studio Odile Decq

Europa | Seyssins

Lying at the confluence of the rivers Isère and Le Drac, Grenoble stretches across a Y-shaped valley at the foot of the Chartreuse, Belledonne and Vercors mountains that rise sharply from the plain. The transition from densely urbanized plain to steep mountain slope is abrupt, so when in the city, you feel surrounded by the Alps.

What few gradual slopes there are have been populated over the centuries by small village clusters.One of these, Seyssins, located on the hydrographical left of the river Le Drac, stretches up the slopes of the Chartreuse to the edges of higher altitude woods. The green fairways of the local golf club - interspersed by pockets of woodland - separate the river from the first houses of the village nestled into the slope with spectacular views over the whole city of Grenoble lying in the enclosed valley below.

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