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Stade de Soccer Geological Architecture for Sport

Saucier + Perrotte Architectes | HCMA

The United States has historically looked westward, from the first European settlements on the East Coast, across the prairies and Rocky Mountains all the way to California. Canada has similarly looked west, from Québec and the Maritime Provinces to oil-rich Alberta and scenic British Colombia. Canada however also looks north, from population clusters along the U.S. border north beyond the tree line to distant tundra and icy redoubts above the Arctic Circle. Some consequential spirit of ground and sky, impacted by light and nature, animates the architecture of Gilles Saucier and André Perrotte. Their buildings view and frame a mythic horizon.

Saucier + Perrotte Architectes operates out of Montréal, one of the most historic of Canadian cities and one with a hardy yet elegant character evocative of both Europe and North America. Even when dealing with...

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