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Psychiatric Center and Sheltered Housing

MoDus Architects

Europa | Bolzano

A psychiatric day hospital is an unusual theme for an architecture office. Sandy Attia and Matteo Scagnol (MoDusArchitects) have tackled it in what may arguably be the only possible way: making the building look like a big comfortable house.

Located at the heart of a consolidated residential district of Bolzano called Gries, the complex blends with its surroundings in appropriate chromatic fashion, using the neighborhood’s characteristic earth-based color palette. The same color flows into the internal outdoor spaces and the interiors, providing the backdrop for the custom-made furniture and millwork designed to create a serene atmosphere for all users - doctors and staff as well as patients.

Looking at the plan, the architects’ intentions are immediately apparent: to design a shell, well defined at its borders, yet permeable to the outside and the...

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