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Report from THE Pearl River Delta Front

Node Architecture & Urbanism

I have known Doreen Liu, founder of NODE, for ten years. At that time, I was editing a special issue of an architectural magazine called Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and met Doreen in Guangzhou when her work was still mainly focused in the city of Nansha. In the last two decades, Doreen Liu’s work has concentrated on the Pearl River Delta (PRD). I will always remember how impressed I was by this area. It fits the description of Rem Koolhaas in his book Great Leap Forward: “chaotic, heterogeneous coexistent, and full of super power, developing a brand new chapter of the world’s history with a brutal speed and vitality”. Doreen’s work has both shaped and been shaped by this singular urban environment.

Her early works in Nansha - the De Pin bookstore and the Nansha science museum, for example - reflect the design language learned...

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