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One Airport Square - Multifunctional building

MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects

Africa | Accra

As is well known, human beings are tormented by unanswerable questions. “Of what and of whom are we contemporary?” or, “What does being contemporary mean?” These are questions that resurface time and again, troubling individuals in general and architects in particular. Giorgio Agamben has provided masterly answers informed by a progression of meaning. We call contemporary those who are able “to look in the face their own time to perceive the darkness, rather than the light”. For those who are able to experience its contemporaneity, time is dark. Such darkness is not experienced in a passive fashion. The darkness presupposes a certain courage on the part of contemporary man, who is not blinded by the light of his time and, on the contrary, within the dazzling light that invests him, manages to discern the darkness of its time as something that needs...

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