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Padiglione Italia - Expo 2015

Nemesi & Partners

Europa | Milano

Expo 2015 is laid out orthogonally in ancient Roman style with a north-south axis, the Cardo, and a Decumanus running east-west. They are lined by the national pavilions, among which the Italy Pavilion is a major landmark. Located at the northernmost tip of the Cardo, Palazzo Italia blends symbolic, experimental, technical and formal elements. The programme has several interrelated objectives: to be an example of dense urban architecture representing not only a whole exhibition area but also the multifaceted identity of Expo 2015’s host country. The result is an intricately meshed contemporary construction embracing a broad cultural vision at whose centre is the urban space.

The project is an amalgam of urban concepts and architectural elements. There are open spaces, clusters of environments that flow one into the other over an interconnected series of floors and...

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