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Atelier FCJZ, Fei Chang Jian Zhu | Yung Ho Chang

Asia | Pechino

Founder of one of the first independent architectural practices in 1993 with partner Lu Lijia, Yung Ho Chang has made his Atelier Fei Chang Jian Zhu (FCJZ) a legendary name in contemporary Chinese architecture.  As one of the key figures of China’s Experimental Architecture in the 1990s, his practice continues to explore the dynamic between concept and craft, narrative and form while trying to cross over the boundaries between architecture and contemporary art, or between design and everyday life. 

Yung Ho’s non-conformist ways do not end up with millions of square meters built up as many of his peers have done in China today, where “Bigness” has permeated most construction. Instead, testifying to his versatility and craftsmanship, his design works range from jewelry, tableware, costume, furniture, stage and interiors to architecture and...

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