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The Age of Cloth

Kengo Kuma and Associates

Since architecture involves something inherently hard and heavy, there are times that the softness of cloth becomes intensely desirable, so spending time selecting a curtain fabric may well be an attempt to relieve the stress of designing buildings. When I learned about the passion that Carlo Scarpa had for fabric and the demanding requests he made of craftsmen to alleviate the hard, heavy characteristics of architecture, the sense of affinity I had for his architecture increased.

However, not satisfied with the beauty of curtains alone, I have taken on the reckless challenge of creating architecture using cloth a number of times.

When I was asked to design a tearoom for the garden at Frankfurt’s Museum Angewandte Kunst, the museum director advised me that if made from wood, it might well be vandalised in the space of a day.
I therefore decided to use...

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