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Vault House - 私人住宅

Johnston MarkLee

America settentrionale | Oxnard

The Modernist All-White House. The relaxed Beach House. The House on Stilts. The Shotgun House in America’s Deep South. The Arabic Courtyard House. These and other archetypes are filtered through the eyes and brains of Johnston Marklee Architects in the design of Vault House right on the beach in Oxnard, north of Los Angeles. The Vault House: another archetype. Closely associated with the historic vernacular of several Mediterranean countries, the vault was reinterpreted for residential architecture by key modernists including Le Corbusier, Antoni Bonet and Josep Lluis Sert.

In Oxnard the Vault House is unmistakably white. It fully occupies the permissible planning envelope of its site, a row slot perpendicular to the beach and a residential street. For a house on such a sought-after location, it is unusually opaque. The orthogonal volume is eroded by simple...

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