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Red Bull Headquarter

Jos Pirkner

Europa | Fuschl Am See

Jos Pirkner has always used his bare hands to model clay moulds that are then given enhanced materiality and texture when cast in gold, silver and bronze.

Widely acclaimed in Europe and America, Pirkner - whose formative years were spent in his native Austria and the Netherlands - has now returned to the country of his birth to plan the new Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl am See. His brief: to give physical form to the Red Bull brand image, not only as a sculptor but also as the architect of the company’s new representative building. 

He has harnessed architecture, art and nature to express what the international corporation is all about, but at the same time to produce a programme that blends intimately with the local backdrop of Alpine valleys and villages.

The design of the buildings, the open space and sculptures are a very personal take...

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