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Listening: the horizon and geography

Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas

We live in a society in which masses of information transmitted at frenetic speed is the norm. The daily activity of listening is “impaired” by our multi-tasking lifestyle. Listening is more than just hearing or perceiving sounds. Listening means taking in and assimilating from outside, processing meaning and passing it on enhanced by our own personal contribution.

Italo Calvino illustrated hearing, i.e. listening - with a significant allegory. A powerful man seized power and became king. From then on he decided to sit on his throne, never moving from it, fearful he would be overthrown. Power became an inability to listen, to go out on to the street and hear what people were saying.

This little story shows that power makes people lose the ability to listen. We both believe that power suppresses the capacity to listen, which is why we have always tried...

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