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Chilled Water Plant - The Ohio State University

Leers Weinzapfel Associates

America settentrionale | Columbus

Placing a technical facility in a consolidated, compact urban fabric. This was the architectural challenge for Ohio University’s new water-chiller plant. Preliminary research led to a programme that can be summed up as a unit comprising multiple, interrelated design features whose highly contemporary aspect in no way jars with the traditional surrounds. The new construction, located at a major entry and pathway into the campus, blends into its context of historical academic buildings in ample grounds. Its compact volume is in keeping with the size of its neighbours, further underlining the existence of a consolidated urban quarter. Its compactness fits easily into the adjacent arts sculpture green area, contextualising the new building even further.

The large-capacity chilled water plant is composed of two superimposed parallelepiped storeys of contrasting texture and...

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