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Green House

Jadric Architektur

America settentrionale | Austin

I think it’s important to describe the context, because a project is always inspired by the atmosphere of the place. Austin is a very interesting city. I knew nothing about it and was expecting something completely different - more like the Texas you see in movies with cowboys and Indians and Mexican immigrants. In short, southern, conservative and a little retro.

I was surprised because it’s quite the opposite: very lively and contemporary, with a Democratic mayor; and 50% of the population between 25 and 65 have a college degree. It’s home to the 5th largest university in the United States! Many people from New York and Boston have moved to Austin for work or study. It’s also a city that cares about sustainability, with lots of greenery and where both the quality of food and musical culture is very high. It’s the home of Austin...

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