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Visitor Reception Building


America settentrionale | East Hanover

Located at the edge of the campus, the Visitor Center clearly signposts the entrance to the complex. Mediating between the public and private dimension, this welcoming facility is a pleasing mix of open and more secluded spaces, architecture and landscaping.

The pavilion’s structural glass envelope is protected by an asymmetrical butterfly roof whose soffit has a series of regular folds that echo the building’s steel frame.

The building is certified LEED Gold. Its curtain wall in insulated low-emissivity glazing combines with the large roof overhang to maximise natural daylighting, ensure shading from direct sunlight and offer occupants wide views over the campus. Sections of the east and west façades are below grade in order to take advantage of natural insulation and so reduce energy consumption. These passive energy strategies are backed up...

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