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Building 347 - Parking Garage

Studio di Architettura Vittorio Lampugnani

America settentrionale | East Hanover

Often overlooked and considered unattractive, the parking garage has here been re-interpreted and revitalized by sheathing the building in precisely aligned rows of bamboo poles, giving a whole new warmth to the building on the Novartis campus. Bamboo was chosen for its solidity and low cost. The 6-storey building is encased in 2.8 m poles affixed to the precast-concrete structure, with custom curved brackets on steel bars. 23 centimetre-wide openings between the poles cast a playful shadow and allow enough natural ventilation to do away with the need for forced ventilation. The strict fire regulations for this type of building demanded the bamboo receive special surface treatment. Several coatings were tested before achieving approval.

Another striking feature is the poured-in-place concrete staircase designed as a series of elliptical sections. Like the other buildings on...

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