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Building 345 - Office Building

Fumihiko Maki & Associates

With this office project Maki and Associates return to some of the themes explored in their Square 3 building for the corporation’s Basel headquarters: a clean - almost austere - minimalist materiality; the generous use of glass allowing views over the parklike surroundings; an open space plan that here is taken a step further to create completely fluid work spaces suitable for flexible working scenarios. As in other office buildings of the campus, the floor slabs cantilever extensively from their anchor: four offset cores arranged in pairs on diagonal axes. Adjacent to these are two double-height spaces for relaxation and communal eating. These collective areas are surrounded by L-shaped open-plan workstations. Each storey also has glazed conference rooms and more secluded, acoustically insulated spaces for work in small groups. At ground level are other conference rooms and an Asian-style bistrot.

The curtain wall uses large double-glazed panels hung from the roof to minimize the use of mullions and integrate the building into the landscape. Different kinds of glass are used in layered ribbons: crystallized, low-iron and ceramic-frit (on the upper part of the floors) to improve energy efficiency and protect occupants from direct...

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