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Architecture as Infrastructure - Fire station

ORG organization for permanent modernity | C2O Architects

Europa | Asse

“The building committee for Fire Station No. 4 requested an ordinary building, easy to maintain. [...] The white brick, the gold lettering at the top of the tower identifying Fire Station No. 4, the tower itself, and the big flagpole in the middle of the front lawn convey the civic importance of the building. This crisp, functional building creates an appropriate, ordinary yet distinctive image for the activities, social as well as rescue, associated with a community fire station. As well as strengthening the civic presence of the building, the handling of the proportions of the Fire Station gives the little building big scale in its setting-a vast, flat field along a straight highway”. Ordinary-distinctive. Small-big scale. Easy-complex. A number of contrived dichotomies are lined up, as if they were self-evident, in the above description of Fire Station No. 4, a 1968...

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