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Supersurfacespace - Exhibition Gallery - Moscow, Russia


Europa | Mosca

In his famous autobiography “The Dance of Reality”, Alejandro Jodorowsky tells an ancient Chinese story about a huge mountain and a small village built at its feet. The mountain was so great that the sun never shone on the village. As a result, the village children suffered from rickets. Shadow became darkness, and darkness became obscurity. One day the villagers saw an old man going up the mountain holding a spoon. Asked what he intended to do, the old man replied he was going to dig out the mountain. When everybody made fun of him, he replied: “I know I won’t succeed, but somebody must start”.
In this case rationality and irrationality produce the same result: the mountain remained where it was. But the old man had understood that what matters is to kindle desire, illusion, hope. He pointed the way to go beyond the commonplace, escape the shadow...

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