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Rooted in The Wilderness - Pieso Poagen House

Olson Kundig Architects

America settentrionale | Spokane

Tom Kundig grew up in the northwestern United States - a region of mountains, forests, and great natural beauty. Though he is now a partner in the Seattle firm of Olson Kundig, he has never lost his love of skiing, climbing, and hiking through the great outdoors. His houses are tough and organic: finely crafted compositions of wood, steel, and concrete, and they demonstrate the architect’s love of mechanical ingenuity. Massive doors and windows swing open as the owner turns a wheel that operates a set of cogs and pulleys.
The client, an actress who retired to commune with nature, appreciated the intangible spirit of a house Kundig had designed for her niece and commissioned him to build a very different residence on her 400 hectares of woodland near the city of Spokane. There were to be no moving parts, except for the wood sliders; the roofs were to be sensuously curved,...

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