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Melbourne School of Design

John Wardle Architects

Oceania | Melbourne

We are all aware that ours is an era in which an increasing number of people lay claim to the title of “artist” to satisfy an overweening “vanitas” - a disease Montaigne considers the ultimate soul-destroying human trait.
It’s a disease that has contaminated the world of architecture for more than twenty years, spread by the “archi-star” phenomenon in which the graceless iconic creations of self-styled debunkers of all-pervasive corporatism merely peddle the very same pedantic mindset, hailed by the compliant media as modern masterpieces.
We all know this phenomenon has thrown up a series of brash intrusive architectures, paradoxically legitimated by groundless arguments, faulty thinking generally harbouring nihilism and related cynicism, made all the more overbearing - as Karl Kraus noted - by the ostentation with which an urn is...

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