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Un mosaico urbano di contrasti

Monika Bik

A real city reads like a great novel: familiar on one hand, yet constantly surprising, where love and beauty, ugliness and injustice go hand in hand. A great city transcends its location and becomes a separate entity in its own right, simultaneously representing the lifestyle of its people while fulfilling the dreams of its visitors…
Located on the western coast of Southern Africa, Luanda is the waterfront capital city of Angola, which gained its independence from Portuguese colonial rule in 1974. The country has a land mass of 1,246,700 sq km - more than that of France, Germany and UK combined and it is largely covered with open savannah forest, with dispersed settlements. Luanda is the largest city in Angola, accommodating 27% of its population. By contrast, the UN estimates Lagos (Africa’s second largest city) is home to around 7% of Nigeria’s residents....

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