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Shelter Island Pavilion - Private House

Stamberg Aferiat + Associates

This moderate-size private house is an exercise in experimentation. The plan, massing and materials are a reexamination of Mies van der Rohe’s 1929 Barcelona Pavilion. Comprising two transparent pavilions with large lights, it stands on a concrete plinth in extensive grounds that are an integral part of the building itself and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The main block to the east contains the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, aligned in sequence. The smaller block to the west houses the guest quarters.
The intervening space between the two blocks is therefore the pivotal area of the whole construction. Large overhangs of the pitched roof supported by oblique pillars turn this intermediate space into an extension of the indoor functions, and at the same time allow the natural vegetation to become an integral part of the two pavilions - reflected in the...

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