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Designing a Pompidou Exhibition

Bernard Tschumi Architects

In early 2014, the Centre Pompidou approached our office about a comprehensive retrospective at the museum. It was to be the first major exhibition of my work in Europe and the first career retrospective from the office. Frédéric Migayrou, the chief curator, with Aurélien Lemonier, suggested the work could be seen through two architectural themes that have been present in my work since the 1970s: Concept and Notation. The publication of “Architecture Concepts: Red is Not a Color”, had just happened and curators felt that an exhibition could be generated based on some of the material and themes of the book.
The opportunity posed a challenge, as designing the exhibition was a project in itself. As with many projects that we do in our office, we wanted not just to satisfy the requirements of the program (in this case, exhibiting works in a gallery),...

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